PC Repair

Do you really know what went wrong with your laptop?

Are you often charged with high fees due to the need to replace expensive defective parts? Or due to need to upgrade your PC to step up the performance?

It needs not have to be the case. You need not have to worry about those high charges.

Our professional IT engineering consultants conduct highly technical analysis on your PC problem and provide you with accurate and most optimize solution to avoid unnecessary high cost, and at the same time ensure your PC serves you just the way you need it to.

Is your laptop being fixed in the way that it should, rather than a cheap laptop repair for a short-term solution?

Understanding the real issue of laptop is important to provide the correct fix that ensures your laptop perform at its highest efficient level. We provide analysis of laptop performance down to all level of key components, like the screen performance, the operating speed, storage efficiency, etc. Our ability to do that come from our 20-years long experience and services in the component repair operation for all major manufacturers and brands directly across Asia.

Let our top-class engineering professionals handle your laptop problem.

Why Choose SmartCares for Computer Repair and Maintenance Service

Your satisfaction is pinnacle to the success of our computer repair shop. At SmartCares, we want to build long term relationships with our clients, and it is only possible through honest diagnosis in the best possible price plan. SmartCares will never ask you to overpay for PC repair, not even in the form of hidden charges.

Repair Computer with Guaranteed Quality

Every part replaced during PC repair is durable and comes with a warranty. Along with the component warranty, you can trust us with our computers repair shop because we want your computer to last long, just as much as you do.

No Guesswork - Only the Right Computer Fix

Right diagnosis saves the time that goes into desktop repair, prevents rework and retains the life of the computer. Amateurs blame the motherboard for every fault; however only a few are related to the hardware in actuality. We check your computer first and only then share our judgment and action plan. Sometimes it only takes a little cleaning to fix your computer, and we’re happy to do it.

Repair Desktop – Diagnostic Analysis

No repair work is too small or too big for us. We carry out all kinds of computer repair and maintenance at the SmartCares service center. Most of the diagnosis and testing takes no more than 24 to 72 hours. Our utmost priority is to perform the diagnosis with extreme care. Before proceeding with repair work, we share a diagnostic analysis with the owner so that we all are on the same page. Your computer will not be repaired without your consent.

What we repair at SmartCares computer repair shop


Repair Desktop software or hardware issue to fix Blue Screen of Death


Replace and Repair PC SSD for improved performance


Repair Computer damaged graphics card to restore visuals on the monitor


Diagnose the issues with modem or wifi card for internet related issues


Repair power supply for smooth boot up in single press


Cleaning cooling fan and graphic cards to repair desktop noises


Scan, repair and restore hard drive


Fix loose VGA/HDMI to restore display

Tell us about your issue and we’ll find the right computer fix in a budget that fits your pocket. Bring your laptop at SmartCares computers repair shop for a quick quote. We repair all kinds of computers, brands and computer problems.