Laptop Repair & Maintenance

You need not have to spend unreasonable amount to have your laptop repaired, nor worry about cheap repair services providing low quality repair that might further degrade your laptop.

Come to us, let us help you.

With 20 years of experience in laptop and computer repair, we provide top class quality repair for all laptops. 

We are authorized partners for all major computer brands, providing product care and repair support around Asia at highest quality level as required by all reputable brands, namely, Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Acer, and more…

Over the years of serving and supporting our clients, we have installed a team of highly skilled and competent engineering professionals specially trained and qualified directly by the computer designers and manufacturers.

Our strong knowledge base in IT repair, with strong local service network, and direct access to manufacturing support across the world enable us to provide the best of breed repair quality and service that you deserve.

SmartCares - The Best Laptop Repair Company in Singapore

At SmartCares, we guarantee the highest level of customer service, at a price you can’t come across elsewhere. Our extensive experience, qualified technicians and a strong knowledge base in laptop repair is what enables us to execute our job seamlessly.

Our repair services cover all types of faults and accidental damages such as LCD damage from fall and mishandling, water spillage, and laptop screen replacement. We specialize in diagnosing errors concerning software as well as hardware. 

Cheap laptop repair yet the best laptop repair.

Relying on official brands for laptop maintenance is affordable only when your laptop is under warranty; however, most problems arise only after the warranty has expired. In such a scenario, choosing to repair laptop from official service centres is extremely pricey. Why not choose a repair company that is authorized by official brands offering exactly the same quality of service at the affordable price in the market?

SmartCares – the Smart Choice.

Transparency, swift response and thorough diagnosis are some of the traits we strongly abide by at SmartCares. Our pricing against the quality of service is incomparable to any Computer repair shop in Singapore. From fixing basic laptop issues to resolving the most complicated hardware and software failure, we do it all. Besides, our quality repairs are backed by guarantee of work. Parts replaced are 100% qualified and come with repair warranty.

Our repair services are fairly priced and the best in the market, with no hidden service charges.

What we do –

  • Laptop Fix
  • Laptop Repair
  • Laptop Maintenance
1. Data Transfer

We understand how important it is for a laptop owner to be able to recover their data fully after a mishap. It is a critical process and if not done properly, there’s no way to restore it. In such a scenario, the right advice you should take is to choose the best laptop repair company. Heading to SmartCares outlet is the smartest choice you can make because we know the importance of data and how data recovery matters to you.

2. Battery Malfunction

Overtime batteries degenerate; users face problems such as the laptop does not charge properly or discharges too quickly. Essentially, laptop battery maintenance is important to increase its lifespan in order to optimize the laptop performance.

SmartCares offer hassle free battery replacement for a range of laptop suppliers including Asus and Lenovo Chromebook, Mircosoft SurfacePro, HP Pavillion, to name a few.

3. Laptop Screen Replacement

You may need to replace your laptop screen for many reasons; to name a few: dropping laptop on hard surfaces, fading/ flickering display or a complete blackout. Screen Replacement is a delicate process that must be dealt with carefully. Only a trustworthy and experienced person should undertake this job. At SmartCares, we thoroughly inspect your laptop before repairing or replacing any part in the hunt for a quick laptop fix. Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we follow standard procedures to diagnose and carry out laptop screen replacement, when needed.

4. Hardware Replacement

DVD RAM not operating properly, or the DC Jack has gotten lose and is not charging the laptop? Have your keyboard keys gone missing? We have a running stock of most of these commonly replaced laptop items for most models of most brands. So you can make a quick visit and get them replaced instantly

5. Motherboard Failure

Laptop death, the blue screen phenomena or simply, hard drive failures are devastating for any user. One thing that you must do upon encountering anything close to it is to take your laptop to a laptop repair centre as you’ll require their technical expertise to resolve the issue without losing your precious data. Do not compromise on quality and go for a cheap laptop repair.

At SmartCares, we repair laptop with extreme care and keep laptop owner updated on every step that we perform on your laptop.

6. Damage from Water Spill

Your immediate course of action in case of a liquid spill determines the level of repair work required to make your laptop up and running. The components may be damaged permanently as it depends entirely upon the quantity and the type of liquid spilled. Every second counts, which is why you should instantly turn it off and bring it to us for detailed cleaning and inspection of your keyboard and the laptop in general. Let our experts handle it and save your laptop from a breakdown.